Tire Information

Your tires are your vehicle's only connection to the road (unless something very bad has happened). That's why it's so important to take care of them. Properly-maintained tires give better traction, they make it easier for you to start and stop, and they give you more control. Tires don't just make driving more convenient; they're a vital part of auto safety.

It's not enough to just put tires on your wheels and call it a day; you need to take good care of them too. To begin with, your tires need to have the correct air pressure. Underinflated tires have more of the tire's surface area in contact with the road. This increases friction, and can damage the tire. Underinflated tires even increase your fuel consumption.

It's also important to make sure that your tires have enough tread. Tread wears down after constant use, so it's good to check periodically. The easiest way for you to check on your tread is with the penny test: simply insert a penny head first into several different tread grooves along your tire. If you always see all of Lincoln's head, you need new tires. If part of his head is always covered, your tires are okay.

If you need some new tires, check out our online tire store. We carry a wide selection of tires for all kinds of vehicles. You can also schedule an appointment with our service center, where we'll take care of your tires. We can't wait to help you out.

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